Sports Team Fair

Category: events

Description: Similar to how the SU hosts Clubs and Pubs Fair, a fair will also be held for the sports teams at Stuyvesant at the beginning of the school year, providing descriptions and even demonstrations of all the sports teams at Stuyvesant.

Caucus Carnival

Category: events

Description: We hope to improve on and host another carnival that we had this year. For example, if the weather permits, perhaps we will hold the carnival outside. There will be fun games and a nice environment for people to hang out in with their friends.

SophFrosh Dance

Category: events

Description: We plan to collaborate with the next year’s Freshman Caucus to hold a joint dance during the wintertime to bring back their tradition of the Snowflake ball and have a fun nostalgic school dance for the underclassmen.

Career Newsletters and others!

Category: information

Description: We want to continue our series of So You Want To Be A… (SYWTBA) career newsletters in sophomore year to provide an informative and resourceful guide for students that are in the journey of discovering what career path they would like to pursue in the future and how to work towards that option. In addition, we’ll invite guest speakers for each newsletter feature that we interview to come in or hold a zoom webinar speaking on their profession.

Policy System

Category: inclusion

Description: We will send out a form for students to vote on what one policy they want us to address to the administration from the start of the year. Then, we will bring up this topic with the administration and continue pushing for that specific policy and send out updates to the student body regarding that.

Tuesday Talks

Category: information

Description: Each Tuesday morning, we will release a short broadcast video that relays the important information of that week on our social media. We will be condensing the information sent in Ms. Ingram’s emails and Mr. Blumm’s Bulletin Board to make it easier for students to find certain information. We will choose the opportunity or news to highlight for everyone each week, and we will have different themes for special holidays.